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Robot Apocalypse

We all know it's coming

Robot Apocalypse lets you create a scene in which giant robots take over your photos, choose a pre-existing robot, or choose individual parts and make your own.

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To-do lists with Style

Listimize is the easiest way to manage your daily or weekly to-do list with style. Personalize your tasks with custom background patterns and arrange them in any order that best suits your personality.

Have fun, be creative and get things done!

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Linear Calculator

Don’t let the name fool you, Calculon is a serious calculator. Add your variables, make repeat calculations easy.

Calculon - Linear Calculator isn't out yet, but you can be among the first to find out, when it's released in 2014.

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Face Replacer

De-Faced lets you remove faces from photographs and replace it with someone or something else.

Create hilarious and interesting compositions from your own photographs. 

All of the imagery you create is uniquely your own, no pre-cut templates.

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Cipher Tool

Crack the Code

Cipher Tool is the absolute best way to encrypt your emails and text messages.

All you need to do is choose your encryption type and add a message in order to hide it's true meaning. Encrypt your most secret messages to your friends and family. Only you and the people who know your key/passphrase will be able to decrypt your message!

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YouTip 2

Restaraunt Tipping, Complicated

Set up your personal tipping preferences and never tip the same way again

If the service at a restaurant is the most important thing to you, add it as a preference, if it's the cleanliness of the bathroom add that too. Of course you can rate the food as well.

Try out youTip and change the way you tip, forever.

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Socks for Knox

Give Knox an outfit!

'Socks for Knox' is a cute little app to entertain your little ones.

Your 1-3 year old can tap or swipe different outfits to make tons of combinations. You can also add a message/caption and save the image to your camera roll (so you can email your mom or dad).

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Can you Solve the Mystery?

Greek for “Thought Experiment”, Deiknymi combines a very challenging maze that increases in difficulty as you progress, with unique ciphers that you will need to solve in order to complete the levels.

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