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Welcome to Two Robots

If you're coming from the front page, this is what artificial intelligence told us people would want:

  • 🧀 "Really Sweet Gloves"
  • πŸ‘½ "Players Being Abducted"
  • ❄️ "Stuff Getting Frozen"
  • πŸš€ "Cool Freaking Gunships"

So we just went with that and BOOM, Two Robots the Card Game was born. πŸ˜†

Hello there! Welcome to the Two Robots blog and universe. We plan to use this platform to deliver the latest content within our game including history, updates on production, and the creative process. Additionally -- we plan on dropping any knowledge on our findings with fulfillment companies and the card printing process. We are using this blog to be the center of gravity for our digital house. We hope you enjoy it :)

Where did Two Robots Come From?

As pretty hardcore board gamers, the Two Robots team all sit down about once a week for a board game night. Over the years we have played many games, from party games to hero based games like Gloomhaven. What we have noticed, and something that we desired, is a party game that is quick but also has a lot of depth in strategy. We wanted it to be set in the future, with a seriously killer storyline and graphics to boot. When we first set out to start this project, we were completely unaware of how difficult it is to come up with a game that is actually fun. Future blog posts will be detailing the creative effort, so you all can experience what it’s like to create a game! Through hours of play testing with friends, family, and even strangers (thanks Craigslist!) we think we have come up with something great. We can't wait to share this world with you, from the story to the game mechanics, to eventually seeing all of you play it.

prototyping Doing some index card prototyping

What is Two Robots?

Two Robots is a fast-paced, strategic card game where you play as one of four Salvagers -- who are specialized robots fighting to take control of their planet Rennova.

So what's so special about this game? Two Robots aims to fill the intersection between a deep strategy game, and a fun party game that has high replayability. The goal is to be either the first player to build Two Robots or the last player standing. Your Factory (play area) contains your scrap Robot Parts. Playing Parts on top of one another form Stacks, and a Stack of the correct parts builds a robot. However, salvaging isn't just dependent on you, it's dependent on the people that you are playing with. To meet your goal you might have to freeze, swap, and destroy some of your opponents Parts.

This ties in to one of our overarching goals as we started developing the game -- that is, we are actively seeking to build a community around Two Robots. Very few (there are some!) card games are fun without a deep human element to them. We want all of you to experience the amazing cooperative card game experience we've created! If we can bring the joy and excitement to you that we feel when playing -- then our misson is done here, and we can go back to Radixplor where this all started.

The Two Robots Team

This post was written by Aaron Dack.He often goes by the moniker "Robot 2" and his favorite robot is the electrical/solar Hybrid.