What's up everyone!

I hope you all are doing great. Another week in the books here at Two Robots HQ in Austin, Texas and we have exciting news. We are doing a giveaway for you all of a pre-release copy of the game as the top prize, as well as an awesome sticker set. Click here for details and join in on the action. This post is going to be a little different from the others that you all have seen. As our operations have grown and expanded, we would love to share with you all where we are in the project and how everything is going. I consider these posts to be a “product update” of sorts, where we can reach out to you all with some of the cool things happening at Two Robots HQ. A really big milestone just occurred for us recently — we got a shipment of boxes in!

Game Boxes

This is actually our second order of boxes, we ended up making some minor tweaks to the front of the box and the sides. It turns out that 8px font is really difficult to read from far away! We bumped up the font size, changed the wording around a little, and made sure everything was centered correctly. Here’s a pic below of us getting a shipment of boxes.

Box Some boxes arriving

Funnily enough, that above picture is of matte boxes. We ended up getting the wrong ones! There is a huge difference in overall feel between matte and glossy, and we prefer glossy for our boxes. Luckily the wonderful people at Superior POD corrected their mistake and sent us additional glossy boxes! (Seriously these guys are awesome).

Box Differences The difference between glossy and matte

Interested in giving our box some feedback? We posted on reddit a few days ago with the box — feel free to leave any critiques or comments on the post here

Game Cards

We made some small edits to the Core Energy Battery card. After doing more and more play tests we have received a ton of feedback on the CEB Robot card not appearing valuable even though it is. To remedy that, we placed a gold border surrounding the cards for them to really stand out to players. It looks great, however, we are still working out some kinks on how they get printed. Check out the card below! Don’t worry folks — your cards will definitely not have that weird border gap on it.


Besides that, we are just putting together the beginnings of our Kickstarter campaign! We plan on sharing our progress as we go. Also, Omar is getting in a board game table that he is going to review (I believe it took over 6 months to ship!).

Till next time,

This post was written by Aaron Dack.He often goes by the moniker "Robot 2" and his favorite robot is the electrical/solar Hybrid.